Is It Possible for Squirrels to Climb and Chew Through Bricks?

| February 8, 2016

Preventative Tips against Squirrel Infestations from a Local Wildlife Control Service Specialist

The wildlife control service specialists on our team often receive questions from homeowners worried whether squirrels are able to climb vertical brick walls and enter a home through them. Unfortunately, the answer is yes! In fact, it is really easy for squirrels to do that as it does not differ much from climbing a vertical tree.

As for the chewing and entering, that really depends on the building. If the house you live in is well insulated and without any gaps, a squirrel will not be able to destroy a brick wall by chewing bits of it and enter your home. If there are some cracks or holes in the insulation of the building, on the other hand, a squirrel can focus on enlarging that hole by chewing tiny bits of mortar and enter. If not through your exterior walls, squirrels can find many other ways to enter your home:

– through the attic and roof,
– through the ceiling or the floor of a room,
– through the eaves, etc.

They may not have to chew up on something in all cases. If there is an existing hole that they can use, they will most probably do it, so if you have squirrel problems in the area, we strongly recommend you get all cracks and holes around your home sealed well before their breeding period. Otherwise, you may have to book an expert wildlife control service to get the problem resolved.

If you cannot identify where squirrels are entering your home from even after examining every tiny spot around your home, then you definitely need to call a professional. Sometimes, they enter through wood constructions, other times from the holes near your power lines, etc. Discovering their entry point is of key importance for their control. Professional nuisance removal is sometimes the only possible solution.

To book the wildlife control service that you really need, we strongly recommend you to contact Watford's Wildlife Trapping Of Columbia of Columbia, SC. We have the tools and experience that that are necessary to get rid of all the squirrels around your home! Call us now for more details about our prices and other services!