Want to Catch and Release a Pesky Fox?

| February 12, 2016

Tips from a Professional Wildlife Control Service on How to Catch Foxes

Sometimes small, foxes are omnivorous and wily scavengers that can, at times, be a major nuisances, more so for farmers or homeowners that have small domesticated animals. Whether one has been sneaking into your chicken house or harassing other pets, knowing how to catch a meddlesome fox is a very useful skill to know. Plus, knowing how to deal with a fox allows you make decisions which eliminate your fox issues, whilst making sure the animal is treated humanely. If you are unsure which way to proceed, contact your local wildlife control service for help and advice.

Set a trap in a place you know the fox will be.

For the majority of foxes, basic live traps of a good size will work very well. These traps are similar to a long rectangular box that has a trap door at one end. The fox will be lured in by the bait you install, will step onto a pedal, which in turn, releases the trap door, thus locking the fox in.

Bait your trap.

Put your trap in the open position, then carefully put your bait in the space in the middle. Homeowners will have various choices when it comes to choosing the bait; for example, you can use pork, tinned cat food, chicken, fish, or any other type of meat. If you are a hunter, you can use game meat, like beaver or bobcat; these too will work well.

Leave the trap out overnight.

Even though foxes are seen during the daylight hours, they are are normally nocturnal predators. For this reason, you will need to be patient once you have set your trap, waiting at best 1 night for good results. Check on your trap the next day, to see if you’ve caught the fox in question. However, don’t be surprised to see a rate, skunk, raccoon, possum, or other small creature caught in the trap, as these animals are also attracted to the same bait which foxes like.

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