The Pest Control Company That Catches Them All!

We live in a very dynamic wildlife environment, and it is not uncommon to catch a possum running around your yard or spot a curios mouse around the fence. As cute as some of those animals might look, most of them carry an incredible amount of diseases and can make quite the mess in your yard. Luckily for you, Watford’s Wildlife Trapping Of Columbia is here to make everything alright. If you are in need of a pest control company in Columbia, SC that can help you with the extermination of dangerous insects and humane removal of any larger wildlife specimens, then you have come to the right place.

Watford’s Wildlife Trapping Of Columbia offers an incredible commercial and residential rodent control service. Ever since our establishment in 2010, we have been more than helpful to residents and businesses in Columbia, SC. As a licensed provider of wildlife trapping services, you can expect nothing but superior results.

Watford’s Wildlife Trapping Of Columbia
Columbia, SC
Phone: (803) 570-8095

OwnerWhat makes our company stand out from any other provider of wildlife removal services is not only our professional results but the variety of pests we can handle. Alligators, snakes, snapping turtles, possums – these are only a few of them. Do not miss your chance to work with our reliable business!

Besides handling pests on the ground, we will also make sure that no animals have made their shelter in the base of your attic or roof. Our remarkable specialists can also remove any dead animals along with the odor left by them. If you have ANY pest problem you wish to have taken care of in a swift and professional manner, our wildlife control services are just for you. Would you like to speak with a representative of ours for additional information? If you do, simply give us a call!

Nice work

My husband and I were looking for a residential rodent control company, when we found your website. We are really glad we called you because your crew removed all the rats from the basement in not time. You did a great job. and we will definitely recommend you to our friends.

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